Neill McWilliams MSc, MBA, FCG

Neill McWilliams

Neill is the CGI Programme Leader at KCB and the lead tutor for the Corporate Governance module. Neill started his career in the Education Department at the CGI (ICSA) in 1989 working primarily within examinations and qualifications. He left CGI in 2000 and founded an e-learning business which grew to become the leading e-learning company in its field, before it was acquired by a leading software provider in 2019. Since this time Neill has focused on a career in academia and is currently undertaking a PhD at Henley Business School focused on Corporate Governance. He is a member of the CGI Global Professional Standards Committee, ensuring that the standards of the CGI qualifications are maintained across all global divisions. He is also an advisor to CGI on qualifications and learning resources. Neill is a Fellow of CGI and holds an MBA from Henley Business School.

  • Neill as a tutor was excellent and went above and beyond. Personally, I cannot thank him enough for his commitment and excellent attitude to each and every one of his students. It was a privilege to be taught
  • Efforts in writing own example questions sincerely appreciated and his own research on topics where study text is unclear is appreciated.
  • Neill really cares about all students, even those he has not met or formed a relationship with before, and this is great. Very inclusive and supportive man. I am definitely considering KCB as my tutoring provider for further CGI modules.
  • I found the revision weekend really helpful and I’m really impressed with Neill.
  • His dedication to ensuring that all the students pass shines through in the way the lessons are structured and particularly the revision classes. I feel a lot more confident after his tutorials and he even checked in on me when I was ill to make sure I got extra help if I needed it.’
  • I have done a few of these classes and Neill has been my favourite tutor so far.