KCB Charitable Foundation

The mission of the KCB Charitable Foundation is:

The advancement of professionalism in corporate governance globally, through education and research.’

  • We define ‘professionalism’ as: ‘Possessing the necessary qualities, espousing the values, and adhering to expected standards.’ 
  • We define ‘corporate governance’ is as: ‘Ethical leadership and its contribution to building an environment of fairness, trust, transparency and accountability within organisations, to achieve long term success in the interest of its stakeholders.’ 

The aim of the KCB Charitable Foundation is to achieve its mission through: 

  • Education – Providing the highest level of support for students qualifying for the CGI and other corporate governance qualifications.

  • Research  Sponsoring  individuals, organisations and academic institutions to undertake research that  advances corporate governance professionalism, thinking and development.

London Education Foundation | Charity Number: 1189000