Corporate Governance – Weekend Revision

Company Compliance & Administration – Weekend Revision

Interpreting Financial & Accounting Information – Weekend Revision

Boardroom Dynamics – Weekend Revision

Development of Strategy – Weekend Revision

Risk Management – Weekend Revision

Development of Strategy

As the pace and volume of change in the environment affecting organisations in all sectors increases, company secretaries/governance professionals must seek to understand what is happening and play their part in determining the organisation’s response. All organisations are faced with the challenge of strategic direction either to grasp new opportunities or to overcome significant problems. 

The aim of this module is to provide the elements, processes and techniques involved in the development and implementation of organisational strategy.

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Risk Management

The aim of this module is for students to develop and extend their understanding of the discipline of risk management, including how risk management links to compliance management and complements effective corporate governance in organisations.

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Company Law – Weekend Revision

Corporate Governance

The aim of this module is to provide advanced knowledge and key skills necessary for the company secretary or governance professional to act as chief adviser to the board and other stakeholders on best practice in corporate governance, and as the facilitator for systematic application across a wide range of organisations.

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