Corporate Governance – Weekend Revision (18 & 19 November) for November 2023 Exam

Course Overview

By now, you will be well underway in your examination preparations, so the aims of this programme is re affirm and test key module knowledge and more importantly practise applying the knowledge to potential examination questions. The approach that we will be taking is to spend around 15 minutes highlighting the key knowledge and following this we will be practising examination questions. The format for this, is that you will be presented with a question that I have devised and you will spend 10 minutes creating your outline approach to the answer including the key points that you will be making in your answer. We will then spend a further 20 minutes reviewing your answers and comparing it to my answer, remembering of course that there is no single correct answer.

Revision Course Dates:  
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2023

10.00am to 5.15pm (6hrs of sessions with 1hr 15mins of breaks)

Key Aims:

  • Develop students examination technique and the application of knowledge to examination questions
  • Focus on likely examination area
  • Re-affirm student knowledge and understand any knowledge gaps

For each key syllabus area, a recap of knowledge is provided, followed by examination practice using sample examination questions. Extensive advice on student answers is provided by the tutors who have extensive knowledge of the CGI examinations.

Resources provided:
Slides and Examination Practice questions and answers.

CGQP Weekend Revision - (Nov 23)

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